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Cycle.Basics | February 26th

Cycle.Chart | March 26th 

Cycle.Empower | April 23rd 

Cycle.Health | May 21st 

All Classes | Tuesdays, 6:30-9:30pm 


Also what your mom didn’t tell you, and your Gyno may not even know about you and your Period. We live in a linear, masculine culture, but we are Cyclical beings and as Women we are inextricably linked with our Menstrual Cycle. In this Four Part Workshop we will deep dive into all aspects of our monthly cycle including the flow and function of our hormones, the four phases of our menstrual cycle and their implications on our physical and emotional experience, how to learn and chart simple signs and symptoms to gain invaluable information about your fertility and overall health, how to reduce or eliminate PMS and painful periods from a root cause approach and much more all in a non-judgmental and supportive environment. This is a safe space to explore the intricacies of your body while empowering yourself to be your own healer, best friend, and advocate.

Cycle. Basics

We will begin our path towards body literacy by exploring the 4 Phases of our monthly hormonal cycle.  We’ll explore how to identify and work with each phase to create more ease, creativity, pleasure, and pain-free periods as we deepen the relationship with our emotional and physical experience of the menstrual cycle.  You will leave the class understanding the flow and function of your hormones as well as the how’s and why’s of adjusting your diet, exercise routines, work tasks and habits during different times of the cycle to create more flow and ease in your life. Cycle.Basics will be co-facilitated by special guest Holly Grigg-Spall, best-selling author of the book Sweetening the Pill: or How We Got Hooked on Hormonal Birth Control and ambassador for the fertility tracking device, Daysy, which can be used an alternative to hormonal birth control.  Don’t miss her talk about the side effects of hormonal birth control, her story of coming off the pill and the implications this empowering choice can have on our emotional and physical well-being.  Holly’s amazing work has inspired a documentary called Sweetening the Pill produced by Ricky Lake and her team which will be released soon.  Whether you're currently on the pill or other forms of hormonal contraceptives or have chosen to find an alternative path, this workshop will offer an empowering view of, and supportive advice for living your life without the influence of non-native hormones. This class will be three hours long and include tea and snacks crafted specifically to nourish your hormonal system.  

Cycle. Chart

This second workshop will be devoted to the art of the chart. We will go over every aspect of how to identify the signs of symptoms your body gives you throughout the month and how to chart that information so you can use it to plan your life and manage your fertility. If you’re already using an app to track your cycle- great! We will discuss your choice of app to make sure it covers the basic functions we need and will also learn how to chart on paper for those who’d like to a break from technology. There will be lots of time for questions and clarifications in this workshop so you can leave feeling confidant in your charting skills.

Cycle. Empower

Now that you’ve had some charting experience under your belt, we will use that data to empower you to be the arbiter of your fertility and health. We will make sure you’re confidant about when you are fertile and when you’re not so that you can reach your personal fertility goal, whether that is to conceive or to prevent pregnancy naturally. We will also decode the messages our body is sending us so we can learn about potential health issues we may be facing, often long before a test would even be able to identify certain conditions.

Cycle. Heal

Your period is a vital sign, just like your pulse and temperature- she’s talking to you and sometimes she has a lot to say. As women, this information is so often dismissed by the healthcare system and we are often left with few options for treatment or told that perhaps it’s all in our head. Your experience of pain is valid, real, and important- and this class is here to support you in your healing journey. During our final class together we will learn what’s healthy and natural and what might actually be a sign of an underlying issue when it comes to your cycle. We’ll work together to get to the root cause of cycle related issues, explore natural treatment options you can do at home, and continue to strengthen the foundation of your hormonal health.

Who is this for?

Any person who menstruates or who used to and is hoping to regain their period naturally. This workshop is focused on tending to your cycles without the use of pharmaceuticals. If you’re currently on hormonal contraceptives and are curious in learning other possible ways to manage your fertility and symptoms related to your period, this workshop is the perfect place to start.