I’m Rachel Werline and I’m a Women’s Holistic Heath Coach. What's that mean?  Well, it means I help women with all aspects of their wellbeing, from diet and supplementation, to stress reduction and lifestyle habits.   I specialize in helping women to heal their cycles so they can use their monthly ups and downs to work for  them instead of against them.  Yes, I’m talking about your period, but its so much more than just that. 

A little about how I got here...I've been a long time self-experimenter for all things healing and alternative wellness (ask me, I've probably tried it) so I was well established in this path of holistic health, but my passion for periods and all things hormonal came when I had my own healing crisis about 5 years ago when I decided to go off of The Pill after 5 years of consistent use. Things went fine at first, and then I quickly learned that my body had forgotten how to make hormones for itself! My cycles became longer, 35 days, 40 days, and at one point I was only getting my period every 90 days- I was a little concerned, but more than that the effect I was experiencing from my wonky hormone levels were awful- my hair was falling out and had changed texture, my skin was breaking out like crazy, my digestion was wacko, I was experiencing panic attacks for the first time in my life, and I just felt like a mess.  It was a long journey back to balance (and of course this journey is never really over, but what I’ve learned has made me realize that having a monthly cycle is so much more than just bleeding once a month.  There is a whole hormonal dance that goes on throughout the month, and if you can’t hear the music, you may feel constantly out of step.  I found this all so fascinating that I changed my whole career (yep, I used to be an actor…), that’s how amazing this information is and how much I LOVE teaching this secret language to other women.    

Training and Experience

I apprenticed with Nicole Jardim, period expert and women's health powerhouse where I learned from the top doctors and practitioners in the field of women's health.   I'm also a certified yoga teacher and trained meditator (having completed courses with Chris Crotty and sat through a 10 day silent Vipassana) and have studied the basics of Ayurveda with practitioner and professor, Eleni Tsikrikas. I most recently finished a mastery class with Fertility Awareness Method teacher Lisa Hendricksen-Jack (you may have heard me on her fantastic podcast, Fertility Friday).  I'm always deepening my knowledge so I can bring the most recent and relevant information to my students and clients.