Welcome to the new online home of my Holistic Women’s Wellness space. I believe that the health of every woman truly translates into, and could be used as a barometer for, the health of our society as a whole. Each of our individual bodies are a result of the physical and mental health of the mother, which is of course inseparable from the original woman herself, mother earth. As a young person I felt an immense amount of responsibility to the earth and society to improve the current conditions of our world. I’ve always looked for the root cause, the deepest reason for any ills that need to be resolved, and for me this has lead to healing the female body, the archetypal mother. Whether you are truly a mother or not (I’m not), or even if you never intend to be one, you are part of the collective feminine, and I believe that we can't heal the collective without first healing the origin of life, the woman.


Unfortunately, so many women are currently stripped of power, both physically and spiritually, because of the weight of physical illness and mental fatigue they experience. During my lifetime I’ve gone from feeling like I could run the world like a New York CEO badass bitch, to barely being able to get through the day without naps, copious amounts of caffeine, sugar, and crippling eating disorder behaviors. After what feels like a lifetime of struggle, research, experimenting with outside and inside help, I’ve found myself on the other side of this story with enough extra energy to share. And that is what I hope to do here.

Thank you for being here and please reach out- I’d love to hear from you. xo

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